Meet our farmers & Support Local Producers


Bane Family Meats_Logo.png

Bane Family Meats

Bane Family Meats is a Champaign County Farm dedicated to sustainable agriculture, and quality meat and poultry products. All of their livestock is raised free-range on the farm, with no pesticides or chemicals being applied to the pastures and no antibiotics or growth promoters being added to the feed. All of their feeds are non-GMO and are purchased from local feed mills and the animals are all processed locally at federally inspected facilities. The eggs we purchase from David are of the highest quality and were selected because of their amazing flavor, color, and minimal processing.

Big Thorn Farm_Logo.png

Big Thorn Farm & Brewery

Big Thorn Farm & Brewery is an off-grid farmhouse brewery that produces delicious fermented concoctions including their Ginger Juice, Mad Coffee Brown, Farm Porter, and Citra Sour. Anna & Aaron also produce ginger, turmeric, herbs, berries, fruit, mushrooms, and garlic that they sell to local restaurants, but mainly use in their beer production. Their ginger has amazing flavor and a strong, but not overpowering or bitter pungency. We use their ginger for our ginger glaze and hope to use one of their beers for our upcoming line of beer glazes in early summer.

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Blue Moon farm

Blue Moon Farm is a 20-acre certified organic vegetable farm, located 10 miles north of Urbana that grows quality produce for the Urbana Farmers Market, as well as local grocery stores, restaurants, and for their own CSA. They are committed to the collective project of implementing farming practices that promote the health and well-being of the land they grow on and the people who eat their food. As we do at Lucky Pierre, they believe that buying locally leads to more accountability between the farmer and the consumer and that fostering that relationship is critical to the success of the organic and local foods movement. We use Blue Moons produce whenever we can, recently using their Onions for the filling in our Bialys.

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Brian Severson Farms

Brian Severson Farms is a complete seed to store operation in Grundy County, Illinois. All the grain they sell are non-GMO, and many are certified organic and heirloom, and all are raised on their farm. They grow, harvest, process, store, clean, and stone-grind all of their meals, flours, and grits on site to control the quality and identity. They also mill all of their grains in small batches to ensure their supply is fresh. They grow organic oats, wheat, popcorn, peas, soybeans, corn, and buckwheat. We use their pastry flour, thick rolled-oats, and cornmeal in our doughnuts, pastries, scones, granola and corn muffins.

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Kilgus Farmstead

Kilgus Farmstead is a multi-generational local meat and dairy farm in Fairbury, IL that has been in operation since 1958. Although they started with Holstein cows, they eventually switched to Jersey cows as the milk commanded higher prices on the commodity market due to the higher butterfat content. They eventually switched their herd over to seasonal rotation grazing to increase the quality of the milk as Jersey cows are very well suited to pasture grazing life. The cows are transitioned to a fresh paddock every 24 hours, allowing each paddock a two full weeks of recovery before the cows are transitioned back to it thereby establishing a sustainable rotation system. We use Kilgus milk for the exact reason that they switched to Jersey cows, because of the high butterfat content, in addition to the fact that they are a non-homogenized, single-source dairy, and they practice sustainable pasture rotation and grazing.

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The Mill at Janie’s Farm

The Mill at Janie’s Farm and Janie’s Farm Organics are an amazing field to mill to table operation near Ashkum, IL. Janie’s Farm Organics started moving from conventional to organic grain farming in 2003 with 33-acres and now has over 2,400 acres of certified organic grains. In the fall of 2017 The Mill at Janie’s Farm came online as they sought to mill their own flour from the organic grains produced at Janie’s Farm Organics, giving complete control of the product from growing to milling and distribution. Together, the Mill at Janie’s Farm and Janie’s Farm Organics are providing organic and locally-sourced food, grown and processed in a sustainable way, from soil to supper table. They are dedicated to improving the health of people and the land, and growing a better future for all. We use a combination of their flours in many of our cakes and pastries.

Prairie Fruits Farm_Logo.jpg

Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery

Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery is an orchard, goat dairy, and farmstead creamery on a 22-acre farm here in Champaign, IL. They have a 70+ Nubian, La Mancha, and hybrid milking goats that are pasture-based and certified “Animal Welfare Approved” and their milk and cheese production are seasonal. Wes Jarrell and Leslie Cooperband use Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery to promote principles of sustainability, including environmental stewardship, economic viability, and social responsibility. They strive to educate the community about organic and sustainable agriculture and the connections between food production and consumption. We use their cheeses not only because we value and respect their ethos, but you can taste the love and care the goats receive in the high-quality of their farmstead cheese products.