Spring is starting to act like, well, Spring. I think we can finally say goodbye to winter (I’m hoping I don’t jinx it) and look forward to the beautiful May flowers after a cold a dreary April. As the seasons change, so to do our glazes. While the tea glazes were wonderful we decided that May really needed its own seasonal series and what better time to year to roll out a floral series of glazes.


Our Floral Series of Glazes plays to a variety of tastes and preferences and really emphasizes the layered subtlety that comes with combining multiple light flavors without being overpowering. We really worked to create a well-balanced series that highlights some lesser known flavors and flowers.

The list of glazes in the series are as follows:

  • Rose Cardamom

  • Lavender Lemon

  • Orange Blossom Fennel

  • Sorrel Honeysuckle

  • Marigold Saffron

  • Violet Grapefruit

We hope you’ll stop by our booth at the Urbana Market at the Square and grab some of the doughnuts while you can (they’re only around through the end of May). Or you can swing by your favorite coffee shop and see if they’re carrying them. We will also be offering them for online orders (for delivery or pick-up at the farmers market).

Let us know what you think!