As members of the local food economy, Rey & I both believe that being transparent about where our ingredients come from not only builds trust between Lucky Pierre, our consumers, and our farmers, but it also allows for increased direct connections between our consumers and farmers, thereby strengthening the local food economy as a whole.

With that being said we are launching the "Our Farmers" page on our website (which you can reach from the top navigation bar).

The "Our Farmers" page lists all of the local farms that we are currently sourcing ingredients from, what we are sourcing from them, why we use their products and provides links to their websites and order forms so that you can order from them too! We will always tell those who ask exactly where we get an ingredient from and why. This page not only holds us accountable but allows others in the community who love our products to learn where their food comes from and what amazing local offerings there are from small, sustainable farms.